What hard drive or SSD can you use with HDD Caddy?

In our product information you'll find what type of hard drives can be installed in your HDD Caddy. In this article we will summarise the compatible hard drives or SSD with HDD Caddy. You do not need a special SSD or hard drive. A regular hard drive or SSD will suffice.

You can insert a hard drive or SSD in the HDD Caddy with the following features:
- size = 2.5" (also called laptop size or form factor)
- SATA connector at the back of the hard drive or SSD, (also typed as SATA Hard drive or SSD, sometimes with SATA1, SATA2 or SATA 3 indicators or as SATA 6 Gb/s). SATA connector is depicted in the picture below. 
- max. height = 9.5mm
- max. size = 1TB
- drives higher than 1TB that are compatible with HDDCaddy:
o 1.5TB Hitachi 5K1500, 7K100,
o 2TB Seagate Samsung Spinpoint M9T
o 2TB and 1.6 TB Sandisk Optimus SAS SSD
o 1,12 TB WD Black2 1,12 TB (1000 + 120GB SSD)
o +1TB or 2TB all hybrid SSD/HDD (SSHD) and SSD's between 1 and 2TB 
o Seageate 2TB Mobile HDD 2TB ST2000LM007, Mobile HDD 2TB ST2000LM009, Mobile HDD 2TB ST2000LM010, ST2000LM015, Firecuda, Barrecuda
o Seagate Laptop Hard Disk Drive Kit, 2TB

hard drive dimensions

What does not fit/work:
- size 3.5" hard drives meant for PC towers (also 1.3" and 1.8"), these are very big.
- IDE hard drives, older type hard drives with IDE connector at the back 

Reported issues
- recommended not to use SATA3 (6gbps) drives (both SSD's and HDD) in the HDD Caddy with MBP 15"/17" 2011 due to compatibility issues of the unibody design. Place them in the primary bay and the SATA2 drives in the HDD Caddy. The MacBookPro8,1 8,2 and 8,3 does not reliable support SATA3 drives in the optical bay.
- unreliable connection with Intel 520 SSD series in the HP Probook 470 G1. Recommended to move the HDD to the HDD Caddy and put the SSD in the main bay for optimal performance.
- Seagate Momentus compatibility problem with some Lenovo Z50 and S510p laptops.
- Do not fully screw in the mounting screws from PNY CS1311 SSD.

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