When is HDD Caddy a convenient solution for you? In order to decide if HDD Caddy is usefull for you, you have to look at how you are using your PC or laptop. Sometimes upgrading your laptop with a SSD can matter a lot when deciding to use a HDD Caddy. A HDD Caddy is accessoire for your laptop to build an extra hard drive or SSD inside your laptop. What are the advantages of using HDD Caddy?

  • A HDD Caddy with an extra hard drive or SSD that is built into your laptop keeps your laptop mobile. You do, after all, no loose USB external hard drives or sticks with you for extra storage.
  • Your hard drive or SSD connected via the SATA protocol. The SATA protocol has a much faster write (and read) speeds than the USB protocol. So you improve the performance of your laptop.
  • Your laptop remains is not only portable but also preserve the looks of your laptop. The HDD Caddy is not visible on the outside. The new original front panel of the DVD player sees the laptop as original.
  • An extra disk in the HDD Caddy does not necessarily serve as a storage disk, but can also serve as a second boot disk with a different operating system. This is particularly useful if you for example want to separate work and home while being able to work on the same computer or laptop. The nice thing is that if for example your second disk crashes or will not start up then you are possibly in the form of starting with another hard drive, a sort of failsafe. Useful if your laptop plays a crucial role in your daily activities.

So here you will find a number of advantages of using HDD Caddy. Some of you in your situation might be a disadvantage. Suppose you work often share files with an external USB hard drive then HDD Caddy might not be as useful because you can not just connect it to another laptop or PC. HDD Caddy makes it especially works 1) easy, no hassle with loose USB drives for more storage 2) mainly functional and safe built into the laptop with a number of options such as work and home separate, data and programs physically separated or a second boot disk that can serve as a failsafe.