SSD or hard drive in HDD Caddy?

A frequently asked question is whether to put the SSD in the HDD Caddy or in the hard drive bay of the laptop. The HDD Caddy will be inserted in the optical bay where your dvd-drive was removed. The reason why people ask this is because they want to know what will give the best performance. Is there a speed difference? For a SSD or hard drive this does not have a one-sides answer.

A SSD has two different speed improvement. 1st, it has a superb acceleration (extreme low access time). It is like a Tesla car in insade mode. This acceleration really improves the day-to-day tasks on your laptop. 2nd, it has a higher top speed (higher transfer speed). This higher top speed will benefit for shorter transfer time of large files like high resolution pictures and movies. This on the other hand will not really improve your day-to-day task. However if you are a profressional photographer or video-editor this is might be still relevant.

The difference with the HDD bay and the optical bay is the max. top speed, also called SATA transfer speed. In most cases the optical bay has one class difference in transfer speed. However the access time will not be affected, wether you put your SSD in the optical bay or HDD bay, the access time will be the same. Therefore, in real life there is no big difference whether you put your SSD in the optical bay or HDD bay. Unless you work daily with very large files, which most users don't.

Hopefully this will help you to decide where you want to place your SSD in.