From the Netherlands to your country, we will carefully pack and ship your order. We ship all HDD Caddies and accessories with PostNL (the largest Dutch courier service). Once the package has left the Netherlands, the package may be handed over to your local courier service. On business days and regular Sundays, orders that are placed and paid before 4.15 PM* will be shipped the same day! Basically this means from Monday till Friday and Sunday, with the exception of the public holidays (the postal services are not at work then).

Orders placed after 4.15 PM will be shipped the next day (excl. weekends). Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +1 hour, Daylight saving time: UTC/GMT +2 hours. Note that when you pay with Bankwire or eCheck / eCheque, we will only ship after payment has been received.


In the Netherlands we have a few official holidays. This means there is a work leave for most companies including distribution and post order companies. These are the days; 1 April (Pasen), 30 April (Koninginnedag), 9 May (Hemelvaart), 20 May (Pinksteren), 25/26 December (Kerstdagen) and 31/1 Dec/Jan (New-Old year). Orders placed on these days will be shipped the next working days. 

Shipping Costs & Estimated Delivery Time

Below you will find the overviews of the costs & delivery times for each country we ship to.

The shipping costs are based on weight and volume of the package, so it depends on how much items you order:
-small orders are 1 big item (for example HDD Caddy) and a limited number of accessories
-medium orders are 2 big items and a limited number of accessories
-large orders are 3 or more big items and accessories

The shipping costs will be automatically calculated when you put one or more items in your shopping basket and when you select your country (through customer account or guest checkout). Costs already include 21% VAT.

The delivery time depends on the country of destination. Shipping to countries within Europe will take 2 – 5 business days on average.


Shipping within the Netherlands is free! The estimated delivery time is 1 – 2 business days.


Check the overview below to find specific information for your country. Tip: press CTRL + F and type in the English name of the country of destination to quickly find your country.

Country of destinationEstimated delivery time in business daysShipping costs in Euro
  Small orderMediumLarge
Albania5 – 94.959.9019.95
Andorra2 – 54.959.9019.95
Bosnia and Herzegovina4 – 114.959.9019.95
Bulgaria4 – 94.959.9019.95
Austria2 – 54.959.9013.50
Belarus5 – 124.959.9013.50
Belgium2 – 34.959.9013.50
Croatia5 – 104.959.9019.95
Cyprus4 – 94.959.9019.95
Czech Republic3 – 74.959.9019.95
excl. Greenland, Faroe Islands
4 – 104.959.9013.50
Estonia4 – 84.959.9019.95
Faroe Islands2 – 54.959.9019.95
Finland2 – 64.959.9019.95
France2 – 54.959.9013.50
Germany2 – 54.959.9013.50
Gibraltar4 – 84.959.9019.95
Greece3 – 84.959.9019.95
Greenland3 – 74.959.9019.95
Guernsey5 – 94.959.9013.50
Hungary3 – 74.959.9019.95
Iceland3 – 74.959.9019.95
Ireland2 – 54.959.9019.95
excl. San Marino, Vatican City
3 – 715.50
Jersey5 – 94.959.9013.50
Latvia3 – 84.959.9019.95
Liechtenstein3 – 64.959.9019.95
Lithuania4 – 84.959.9019.95
Luxembourg2 – 54.959.9013.50
Macedonia5 – 104.959.9019.95
Malta4 – 84.959.9019.95
Moldova6 – 124.959.9019.95
Monaco2 – 54.959.9013.50
Montenegro5 – 94.959.9019.95
Netherlands1 – 2FREE
Norway2 – 64.959.9019.95
Poland2 – 723.50
Portugal3 – 74.959.9019.95
Romania4 – 923.50
San Marino3 – 74.959.9019.95
Serbia5 – 94.959.9019.95
Slovakia3 – 74.959.9019.95
Slovenia3 – 74.959.9019.95
excl. Can. Islands
3 – 74.959.9013.50
Sweden2 – 54.959.9013.50
Switzerland2 – 54.959.9019.95
Turkey5 – 1025.50
Ukraine6 – 124.959.9019.95
United Kingdom
excl. Jersey, Guernsey, Gibraltar
3 – 64.959.9013.50
Vatican4 – 74.959.9019.95

Asia, North America, South America, Australia

Check the overview below to find specific information for your country. Tip: press CTRL + F and type in the English name of the country of destination to quickly find your country.

Country of destinationEstimated delivery time in business daysShipping costs in Euro
  Small orderMediumLarge
Afghanistan8 – 1731.95
Anguilla4 – 1031.95
Antigua and Barbuda5 – 145.9515.9524.95
Argentina6 – 1231.95
Armenia8 – 1231.95
Aruba4 – 1031.95
Australia5 – 1031.95
Azerbaijan5 – 1231.95
Bahamas5 – 145.9515.9524.95
Bahrain5 – 1031.95
Barbados5 – 125.9515.9524.95
Belize5 – 1431.95
Bermuda5 – 105.9515.9524.95
Bolivia5 – 1231.95
British Virgin Islands5 – 125.9515.9524.95
Brunei Darussalam7 – 1431.95
Cambodia8 – 1431.95
Canada3 – 85.9515.9524.95
Cayman Islands5 – 1431.95
excl. Hong Kong and Macao
9 – 175.9524.9524.95
Colombia6 – 1231.95
Costa Rica5 – 1231.95
Cuba5 – 1431.95
Dominica5 – 1431.95
Dominican Republic5 – 1431.95
East Timor10 – 1831.95
Ecuador6 – 1231.95
El Salvador5 – 1431.95
Falkland Islands8 – 1231.95
Fiji7 – 1431.95
French Guiana6 – 1231.95
Georgia5 – 1431.95
Grenada5 – 1231.95
Guadeloupe5 – 1431.95
Guatemala5 – 1231.95
Guyana6 – 1231.95
Haiti5 – 1431.95
Honduras5 – 1431.95
Hong Kong4 – 85.9524.9524.95
Indonesia4 – 1131.95
Iran4 – 1031.95
Iraq6 – 1231.95
Jamaica5 – 1431.95
Japan4 – 95.9524.9524.95
Jordan4 – 1031.95
Kazakhstan6 – 1431.95
Kiribati10 – 1831.95
Kuwait5 – 1031.95
Kyrgyzstan6 – 1431.95
Laos9 – 1731.95
Lebanon5 – 1231.95
Macao9 – 1731.95
Malaysia7 – 1231.95
Maldives6 – 1531.95
Martinique5 – 1231.95
Mongolia6 – 1431.95
Montserrat5 – 1231.95
Nauru9 – 1431.95
Nepal9 – 1731.95
Netherlands Antilles (former)5 – 1131.95
New Caledonia10 – 1731.95
New Zealand5 – 931.95
Nicaragua5 – 1131.95
Oman5 – 1031.95
Pakistan6 – 1231.95
Palestine7 – 1031.95
Panama5 – 1231.95
Papua New Guinea7 – 1731.95
Paraguay6 – 1231.95
Peru6 – 1231.95
Philippines7 – 1231.95
Pitcairn10 – 1431.95
Puerto Rico4 – 1031.95
Qatar4 – 1031.95
Russia8 – 1631.95
Saint Kitts and Nevis5 – 1231.95
Saint Lucia5 – 1231.95
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon4 – 931.95
Saint Vincent & Gren.6 – 1431.95
Samoa7 – 1431.95
Singapore4 – 85.9524.9524.95
Sint Maarten4 – 1031.95
Solomon Islands8 – 1431.95
South Korea7 – 1231.95
Sri Lanka7 – 1231.95
Suriname5 – 1031.95
Syria5 – 1031.95
Tadjikistan7 – 1631.95
Taiwan9 – 175.9524.9524.95
Thailand5 – 1131.95
Tonga8 – 1431.95
Trinidad and Tobago5 – 1231.95
Turkmenistan6 – 1431.95
Turks and Caicos5 – 1431.95
Tuvalu9 – 1531.95
Uruguay6 – 1231.95
USA3 – 85.9515.9524.95
Uzbekistan6 – 1231.95
Vanuatu7 – 1431.95
Venezuela6 – 1331.95
Vietnam7 – 125.9524.9524.95
Virgin Islands5 – 145.9515.9524.95
Yemen9 – 1731.95

Countries we do not ship to

Unfortunately there are some countries that we do not ship to because the delivery of mail packages in those countries have been very inconsistent in the past (e.g. lost packages, incorrect delivery, delayed delivery etc.) These countries are:
Algeria, Angola, Ascension, Azores, Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca), Bangladesh, Benin, Bhutan, Bonaire (Caribbean Netherlands), Botswana, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Central African Rep., Chad, Chile, Comoros, Congo (Brazzaville), Congo (Kinshasa), Corsica, Curacao, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, French Polynesia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, India, Israel, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Kosovo, Laccadiven, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Madeira, Malagasy, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Reunion, Rwanda, Saba (Caribbean Netherlands), Saint Helena, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Sint Eustatius (Caribbean Netherlands), Somalia, South Africa, South Pacific islands, South Sudan, Spanish North Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Tristan da Cunha, Tunisia, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Zambia, Zanzibar

Payment methods

We support the following payment methods:

Banktransfer – online non-direct payment for all international customers (takes a few days for completion). During check out you can choose bank transfer as your payment method. A bank transfer is a manual transaction from your bank account to our bank account. After check out you will receive automatically an email with the payment instructions for the bank transfer payment of your order. You will need to add the order number (which will be noted in the email) to the transaction. After we have received the payment your order will be directly shipped and you will be notified. The transaction can take a few days to complete. This depends also on your bank. Sometimes this can take 3 days or 5 days.

PayPal – online direct payment for all international customers (non-direct payment when you use e-check). PayPal is the most preferable way to pay your order. It is easy to use and it is fast. With PayPal payments we do not have to wait for the transaction to complete. We will receive the payment immediately and your order will be also be shipped directly. During checkout you can use PayPal as payment method.

This however does not count if you use PayPal e-Check. The e-Check feature is actually a bank transaction so you often have to wait to complete the payment. This can take a few days or weeks.

iDeal – online direct payment for Dutch customers. iDeal is a online payment method for Dutch customers. Unfortunately this payment method is not available if you do not have a Dutch bank account.
Currently the European bank system is moving to IBAN to enable international use of online payment methods such as iDeal. When this is completed, iDeal will also be available for non-Dutch bankholders.

Bancontact / Mister Cash – online direct payment for customers in Belgium.

GiroPay – online direct payment for customers in Germany.

Sofortbanking - online direct payment for customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain.

Visa MasterCard - You can also easily pay directly online with your creditcard. This payment method is available for almost every country in the world.

Maestro - Pay online with your debet card. This is also an online direct payment method. Available for more than 100 countries.

Postepay - Pay online with a payment card. This is an online direct payment method. Postepay is only available for customers in Italy.

Carteblue - Pay online with a payment card. This is an online direct payment method. Carteblue is only available for customers in France.


We do not have a strict return policy. If you like to return your product, you can easily do so but please contact us first so we can take care of your return properly. You can do this within 14 days. Therefore email us or you can use our contactform.

If the product is not working right, you can also ask us for help.

Our return address is:
HDDCaddy Returns
Europalaan 20 - K05
3526KS Utrecht
The Netherlands


Your invoice will be printed out and included in your order. The invoice includes our address, CoC and VAT numbers, invoice number, product description and tax. You can also download the PDF invoice from our website. Please check the link in the confirmation emails.

I order on behalf of my company in Europe. We do have a valid VAT number. How can I order VAT free?
If you have a valid and verifiable European (Union) VAT number, you can order VAT free. It is very simple to do this. VAT numbers are automatically verified. Please read this how-to on how to order VAT free.

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