Occassionally we receive e-mails from customer requesting if we can supply a HDD Caddy to insert an extra hard drive in the extra space that is already in their laptop. However this is sometimes confusing because it is actually something different while the functionality is the same. In this article we want to explain the differencen because there is no standard convention for naming this. In some laptops there is already an extra space for a second hard drive or SSD. We call this laptop, dual hard drive laptop. In most cases these laptops are only supplied with one hard drive. In order to put a second hard drive or SSD in the extra space, you'll need a so called HDD Bracket. In most cases the HDD Bracket is made of a thin metal sheet that allows you to mount the hard drive in the extra space of your laptop. It does look very different than HDD Caddy because it is much smaller. Also in many cases you'll need to have an extra cable because the manufacturer uses their own proprietary connection.

difference hdd caddy and bracket