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- Put ORDER REFERENCE in message.
- Use SAME EMAILADDRESS as in your order.
- Support ONLY for HDDCADDY.COM products. We do NOT sell on Ebay, Amazon, etc.
- Describe problems SHORT & INFORMATIVE. Be SPECIFIC.
- VAT/TAX invoices CANNOT be changed afterwards.

Please note. A confirmation e-mail is send automatically. If you do not have it, it is in your SPAM folder. Including our replies.

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Meet the HDD Caddy team

At your (daily) service!

HDD Caddy consists of a versatile team with a strong interest in IT and that have years of experience with e-commerce.

When you contact us, our team will read and reply as soon as possible.
Our Team
Most of the e-mails will be answered by our customer support team. Their job at HDD Caddy is to make sure you get the help you need. In order to do so, we have a support team that consists of people with both a background in hardware and software support. By aligning our online sales and logistics processes with our customer support, we can make sure that orders are processed and shipped on time and correctly. The support team is available on every business day.

Meet our support team: Ca-Binh, Caroline, Chen-Yee, Eva, and Lizzy.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Do you have a HDD Caddy that supports my laptop?
At the right side of this website you have at the top a search function and a column with all the laptop brands.
- The search function uses all the content to find a model, for instance you can type - Asus N56 - or - N56VZ - and it will find the same model.
- You can also click on a brand lets say - Dell HDD Caddy - and it will show you all the models that will work with HDD Caddy.

My item has been shipped but I have not received my order yet.
After receiving your payment correctly, your order will be immediately shipped. We do this every business day + Sunday. You can find an overview of all the shipping times on this page: SHIPPING TIMES PER COUNTRY

- For example. Germany has a delivery time of 2 - 5 business days. Meaning if you order and pay at Monday January 20th before 16.00, it will be delivered between 22th Wednesday, 23th Thursday, 24th Friday, 28th Monday, and 29th Tuesday. A delay can happen but absolutely no longer than 2 days. If you have not received your item within the estimated delivery time contact us as soon as possible.

We always check shipping address manually but in any case make sure you submit the full and correct address!
Please do not worry about losing your money. If delivery could not be made we never let our customers lose their money from their orders!

Do you ship to my country? If so how much is the shipping fee?
We ship to most of the countries. Shipping fee differs between countries because of the distance and different courier companies in other countries. Some countries have higher shipping fee because we use extra insurance on the shipment (for some countries the delivery of mail and packages is very inconcistent). You can overview of the countries on this page: SHIPPING TIMES PER COUNTRY


E-mails are answered within 1 hour or within 1 business day.

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